Reflect & Relate: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (Fifth Edition)

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The renowned educator and scholar Steve McCornack’s Reflect & Relate helps students develop the interpersonal communication skills needed to face the challenges of life. It presents the most recent theory and research alongside learning tools that make this scholarship simple to comprehend and put into practice. For this edition, McCornack collaborates with the ideal co-author, Professor Kelly Morrison of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Professor Morrison’s research and teaching interests include interpersonal, gender, health, deception, and instructional communication. McCornack teams up with Professor Kelly Morrison for this edition. Over the course of more than twenty-five years, Kelly and Steve have been teaching Interpersonal Communication as a partnership and have won a number of teaching honors together. In addition, they are partners in life.

The authors thoroughly reviewed every aspect of the new edition, drawing on years of classroom experience as well as the comments and suggestions of both teachers and students, with the goal of providing students with the most practical and effective path possible to improve their interpersonal communication. Chapter 6, which Kelly and Steve have added to the book, is a significant new chapter on gender communication. In it, they explain what gender is, how we “do” gender, and how the general public’s perception of gender is changing. In addition, the culture chapter (formerly titled Chapter 5) has been totally rewritten, and the new version highlights the significance of embracing difference while removing cultural boundaries. The entirety of this book has been revised to reflect recent advancements in technology, as well as other changes that have occurred in the relevant sector.

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