Global Health 101 (4th Edition)

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The most important problems in global health are presented in a way that is understandable, succinct, and straightforward in the fourth edition of Global Health 101. The author shows major ideas through a comprehensive set of case studies, examples, and the most recent evidence, drawing upon his four decades of experience working in international development and global health as well as teaching. The clarity, simplicity, and ease of use that have helped to make this text such a success have been maintained in the fourth edition, making it possible to include a large amount of new and updated content. Evidence from essential sources, such as the Global Burden of Disease Studies, Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition, (DCP3), and Millions Saved, are utilized in novel ways throughout Global Health 101, Fourth Edition, which was recently published. This new edition places a greater emphasis on universal health coverage, the establishment of ethical priorities, health inequities, and the quality of care. In addition, this comprehensive update now includes extensive data organized according to the area of the World Bank and the income category of the World Bank countries. • UPDATED COVERAGE of the global burden of disease and risk factors, as well as of recommended interventions, at various parts of the health system, to address critical health burdens. This is one of the most important updates to the Fourth Edition. • DEEPER EXAMINATION OF THE FACTORS THAT DETERMINE HEALTH; the health of women; the health of children, adolescents, and young people; immunization; undernutrition and obesity; and the increasing prevalence of noncommunicable illnesses • A CHAPTER THAT IS COMPLETELY INTEGRATED and focuses on intersectoral methods for bettering health. • DETAILED DISCUSSION OF KEY THREATS, including but not limited to climate change, antibiotic resistance, and developing as well as reemerging infectious diseases • MORE THAN 70 CASE STUDIES, of which 15 are completely original to this edition, help to explain important topics. • NEW ILLUSTRATIVE PHOTOS, the majority of which were taken by a photographer who has received a prestigious prize, bring global health concepts and topics to life. • THE NAVIGATE 2 PLATFORM INCLUDES TWO CHAPTERS ON CAREERS THAT GUIDE READERS THROUGH POSSIBLE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN GLOBAL HEALTH AND OFFER 24 PROFILES OF KEY ACTORS IN GLOB • THE NAVIGATE 2 ONLINE LEARNING PLATFORM, which consists of a full and interactive e-Book, student practice activities and evaluations, learning analytics reporting tools, supplementary chapters on jobs, more case studies, and a lot more besides. • Extra LEARNING RESOURCES FOR FACULTY AND STUDENTS, such as sample syllabi, lists of major global health resources, global health films, global health websites, and global health massive open online courses, as well as additional cases for debate in the classroom.

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