Genki Textbook Volume 1 (3rd edition – Multilingual Edition)

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Book Description
This is the third revised edition of Genki, which is an integrated course in elementary Japanese. [3] This is the first textbook in the series, and it consists of a total of 12 lessons that are intended to teach the student the fundamentals of the Japanese language. Every one of the lessons covers a particular subject, based on which students practice their grammar and vocabulary. One of the distinctive features of this approach is that it makes an effort to strike a healthy balance between the various communication skills. As a result, the student needs to build a grammatical foundation while also working on exercises to improve their listening and speaking comprehension. In comparison to the two editions that came before it, this third one has undergone a number of revisions, including the following: The conversations and vocabulary more accurately reflect the world as it is today. – The explanations of the grammar are much simpler to understand now, and – The practice exercises have a much stronger connection to the grammar. – The exercises that have been added allow the students to put into practice the information that they have learned. These exercises require the students to conduct simple investigations. – The CD is no longer available, but all of the content can be downloaded through a mobile application with the help of a code that is located within the book. The link that allows you to access this application can be found at the top of this tab. – The solutions to the exercises can be found within the mobile application as well

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