Prebles’ Artforms- Introduction to the Visual Arts (12th edition)

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Pertaining to studies in the Appreciation of Art An introduction to the appreciation of art that focuses on the ways in which both humans and art shape one another Students will gain an understanding of the many subfields that make up the arts through the reading of Prebles’ Artforms, which explains to them that just as we as humans create works of art, we are also shaped by those works. Current author Patrick Frank combines coverage of classic works with contemporary art that reflects the ever-evolving state of human creativity while igniting students’ interest in art. This two-way interaction with art was first introduced by original authors Duane and Sarah Preble, and current author Patrick Frank continues to emphasize this two-way interaction with art. The 12th Edition includes both up-to-date images as well as an in-depth analysis of significant works of art.

4 reviews for Prebles’ Artforms- Introduction to the Visual Arts (12th edition)

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    Very well worth the money.

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    Jax Bryant

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    Edwin Dickson

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    Damien Watts

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