Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics 4th Edition

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This book can be purchased on its own and does not come with a separate access code. This edition has the exact same material as the standard text, but it is presented in a loose-leaf, three-hole-punched format for your convenience. Books a la Carte are also an excellent bargain because the price of this format is substantially lower than that of a brand new textbook. Before making a purchase, you should check with your teacher or look over the syllabus for your class to confirm that you are selecting the appropriate ISBN. There are several different iterations of Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering solutions available for each title, including ones that are specifically tailored to the needs of individual institutions; however, registrations cannot be shared. In addition, in order to register for and make use of Pearson’s MyLab and Mastering products, you might be required to have a Course ID, which can be obtained from your professor.

for first-year physics classes that emphasize the use of calculus.

An strategy that is based on research and has been modified to make it even more user-friendly and increase the likelihood of students becoming successful.

For the Fourth Edition of “Physics for Scientists and Engineers,” Knight continues to expand on strong research-based foundations with content that has been fine-tuned and streamlined, signature features, and an even more extensive MasteringPhysics program, which takes student learning to a new level. Students’ self-assurance and problem-solving abilities improve when the problem-solving advice provided to them is expanded to include a higher emphasis on modeling as well as significantly revised and more difficult problem sets. The Table of Contents has been updated, and more advanced subjects have been included to make it more flexible to support a variety of teaching styles and course formats.

Additionally accessible through MasteringPhysicsTM.

Pearson’s MasteringPhysics is the industry-leading online homework, tutorial, and assessment system. Its purpose is to improve learning outcomes by actively involving students in the learning process before, during, and after class. The instructors make sure that the students come to class ready to learn by giving them educationally useful content to read before class. During class, the instructors push students to think critically and retain the information by using resources like Learning Catalytics. Students can improve their understanding of the ideas by completing tasks outside of class that include tips and feedback that is answer-specific. The Mastering gradebook compiles the scores of all automatically graded assignments into a single location, while diagnostic features provide teachers with access to a wealth of data that can be used to evaluate student comprehension and identify areas of confusion.

Before, during, and after class, Mastering makes learning more personalized than it has ever been before and completes the cycle of learning by continuously adapting to each student’s unique needs.

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