Theory and Practice in Epicurean Political Philosophy

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“Theory and Practice in Epicurean Political Philosophy” by Javier Aoiz and Marcelo D. Boeri is a groundbreaking exploration of the often-misunderstood relationship between Epicurean philosophy and political life in the ancient world. Contrary to the prevailing notion, perpetuated by figures such as Cicero, Plutarch, and Lactantius, that Epicureans were disinterested in political communities, this book challenges the established cliché by delving into the rich tapestry of Epicurean thought and its relevance to political discourse.

This scholarly work goes beyond the anti-Epicurean literature of antiquity and seeks to unveil the hidden dimensions of Epicurean political theory and the practical aspects of Epicurean lifestyles. It does so by integrating the most current and relevant source materials, including recently discovered papyri from Herculaneum, Greek epigraphy documents, and the prosopography of Roman Epicureans. By doing so, the book brings to light fresh and compelling evidence regarding the public activities and engagements of Epicureans in the ancient world.

Readers will discover that Epicurean political theory is not only a significant component of Epicurean philosophy but also a pivotal ingredient that connects this philosophical school with the broader Greek philosophical tradition. This connection, as the book underscores, engages in a dynamic dialogue with the ideas of Plato, revealing a nuanced interplay between these two philosophical traditions.

In summary, “Theory and Practice in Epicurean Political Philosophy” is an enlightening work that reevaluates the role of Epicureanism in the realm of politics. It challenges preconceived notions and showcases the political relevance of Epicurean philosophy, shedding new light on its contributions to the ancient world’s political discourse and its ongoing dialogue with Greek philosophical traditions, particularly with Plato. This book is an essential resource for anyone interested in ancient philosophy and the intersection of political thought and Epicurean wisdom.

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