The Practice of Statistics 5th Edition PDF

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The Practice of Statistics 5th Edition PDF:
The Practice of Statistics 5th Edition PDF, give you a working knowledge of the big ideas of statistics and of the methods used in solving statistical problems. Because data always come from a real- world context, doing statistics means more than just manipulating data. The eBook of Practice of Statistics (TPS), Fifth Edition, is full of data. Each set of data has some brief background to help you understand what the data say. We deliberately chose contexts and data sets in the examples and exercises to pique your interest.

The Practice of Statistics 5th Edition PDF Features:
The Practice of Statistics 5e, is designed to be easy to read and easy to use. This ebook is written by current high school AP® Statistics teachers, for high school students. We aimed for clear, concise explanations and a conversational approach that would encourage you to read the PDF. We also tried to enhance both the visual appeal and the ebook’s clear organization in the layout of the pages. Be sure to take advantage of all that TPS 5e has to offer. You can learn a lot by reading the PDF, but you will develop deeper understanding by doing Activities and Data Explorations and answering the Check Your Understanding questions along the way.

The Practice of Statistics and AP® Statistics:
The Practice of Statistics (TPS) was the first PDF written specifically for the Advanced Placement (AP®) Statistics course. Like the previous four editions, TPS 5th edition, is organized to closely follow the AP® Statistics Course Description. Every item on the College Board’s “Topic Outline” is covered thoroughly in the text. Look inside the front cover for a detailed alignment guide. The few topics in the book that go beyond the AP® syllabus are marked with an asterisk (*). Most importantly, TPS 5e is designed to prepare you for the AP® Statistics exam. The entire author team has been involved in the AP® Statistics program since its early days. We have more than 80 years’ combined experience teaching introductory statistics and more than 30 years’ combined experience grading the AP® exam!.

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