Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication 14th Edition PDF

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Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication (14th Edition) PDF ebook
Packed with contemporary examples, cutting-edge research, and accessible writing, Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication 14e helps college students apply insights from scholarship to everyday life. While highlighting the breadth of interpersonal communication theory and research, Interplay also gives students the practical skills they need to improve their own relationships.

This new 14th edition of Interplay is the most contemporary PDF etextbook available. The first chapter highlights multimodal and mass personal communication, setting the stage for the integration of social media and mediated communication throughout the ebook. Expanded discussions of intersectionality, disability studies, code-switching, and gender and language emphasize the role of culture and identity in shaping interactions. Every chapter is full of updated features, including “Dark Side of Communication” and “Focus on Research” boxes. College Students can explore and apply concepts with the viral videos and discussion questions in the new “Watch and Discuss” activities that appear in every chapter.

Reviews of the Interplay 14th edition ebook :
“This is a very readable textbook that includes good, solid research. It doesn’t dumb down any concept for a beginning scholar, but it remains relevant and engaging to university students throughout the ebook.” — Julie Mayberry, North Carolina State University

“Interplay 14e is a comprehensive textbook of Interpersonal communication. Best of all it is an affordable option for our college students. It allows instructors to reach a much wider audience due to the low cost and extensive coverage. ” — Craig A. Parmley, Ivy Tech Community College

“If you are searching for an interpersonal communication textbook that is written in an easily accessible format for your college students — i.e. they will want to read the etextbook — Interplay 14th edition in PDF is for you. If you’re looking to provide students with up-to-date research and easy-to-access, relatable video clips to assist in their learning, you have found your textbook.” — Marie Arcidiacono, Los Medanos College

About the Author of Interplay 14th pdf :
Ronald B. Adler is Professor Emeritus of Communication at Santa Barbara City College. He is coauthor of Understanding Human Communication, Eleventh Edition (OUP, 2012), Looking Out, Looking In (2011), and Communicating at Work: Principles and Practices for Business and the Professions (2010). In
addition to his academic pursuits, Ron works with businesses and nonprofit agencies to improve communication among coworkers,with clients, and with the public.

Lawrence B. Rosenfeld is Professor of Communication Studies and Co- Chair of the Social- Behavioral Institutional Review Board, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is the author of articles that appear in journals in communication, education, social work, sport psychology, and
psychology. His most recent book is When Their World Falls Apart: Helping Families and Children Manage the Effects of Disasters (2010). In 2000, Lawrence received the Donald H. Eckroyd Award for Outstanding Teaching in Higher Education from the National Communication Association, and in 2006 he
received the Gerald M. Phillips Award for Applied Communication Research from the same organization.

Russell F. Proctor II is Professor of Communication Studies at Northern Kentucky University. He primarily teaches courses in interpersonal communication and interviewing, and he won NKU’s Outstanding Professor Award in 1997. In addition to his work on Interplay, he is also coauthor of Looking Out,
Looking In (2011). Russ has written and presented extensively on the use of feature films as instructional tools in communication courses (including Now Playing for OUP).

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