Everything’s An Argument with Readings(Eighth Edition)

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The book Everything’s an Argument with Readings is a condensed argument guide as well as a thought-provoking thematic reader. It is designed to assist students in comprehending and analyzing the arguments that surround them as well as in developing their own arguments. Clear explanations range from the classical rhetoric practiced by the ancient Greeks to the multimodal rhetoric that is used today, and they include both professional and student models of each type of rhetoric. When it comes to navigating potentially contentious conversations inside and outside of the classroom, students benefit from a new emphasis on rhetorical listening skills because it teaches them how to communicate effectively and ethically. This edition of Everything’s an Argument has been thoroughly updated with brand new selections in both the guide and the reader. It focuses on the topics and pictures that are important to students in today’s world.

LaunchPad for Everything’s an Argument provides one-of-a-kind, book-specific materials for your class, such as brief quizzes to test students’ comprehension of each reading selection and the content of each chapter. Students are able to master essential components of an argument, such as fallacies, claims, and evidence, with the help of an adaptive practice platform called LearningCurve.

1 review for Everything’s An Argument with Readings(Eighth Edition)

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